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About the toolbox, acknowledgements and amendments

The toolbox contains Environment Canterbury’s guidelines for land and waterway disturbing activities that can cause sediment and dust discharge to water and air. It updates and replaces the Canterbury Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines (2007). The toolbox reflects improvements in the techniques and tools of erosion and sediment control made by industry since the 2007 Guidelines, and the then Auckland Regional Council’s TP90. It uses considerable material from Erosion and sediment control guide for land disturbing activities in the Auckland region. Auckland Council Guideline Document GD2016/005, and subsequent industry-led improvements.

The toolbox will not be available in paper form. Users should always refer back to the online published document to ensure they are using the most up to date and correct version. Environment Canterbury’s published Erosion and Sediment Toolbox will change as material is updated with improvements in practice and any corrections. We will list the date and topics of updates, as they occur.

© 2017 Environment Canterbury Regional Council

This publication is provided strictly subject to Environment Canterbury’s copyright and other intellectual property rights (if any) in the publication. Users of the publication may only access, reproduce and use the publication, in a secure digital medium or hard copy, for responsible genuine non-commercial purposes relating to personal, public service or educational purposes, provided that the publication is only ever accurately reproduced and proper attribution of its source, publication date and authorship is attached to any use or reproduction. This publication must not be used in any way for any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of Environment Canterbury. Environment Canterbury does not give any warranty whatsoever, including without limitation, as to the availability, accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of the information or data (including third party data) made available via the publication and expressly disclaim (to the maximum extent permitted in law) all liability for any damage or loss resulting from your use of, or reliance on the publication or the information and data provided via the publication. The publication, information, and data contained within it are provided on an “as is” basis.


Environment Canterbury especially acknowledges the help and support from Auckland Council, particularly Branko Veljanovski.

The completion of this document has been of particular importance to the Christchurch West Melton Zone Committee—thanks to Committee members for their enthusiasm towards its delivery, in particular:

  • Arapata Reuben, Chairperson
  • Lance Kenyon
  • Kevin Brown.

Environment Canterbury people who contributed to the development of the toolbox:

  • Judith Earl-Goulet
  • Shelley Washington
  • Melanie Banfield
  • Davian Luke
  • Gerald Raymond
  • Rachel Annison
  • Sam Leonard
  • Duncan Gray
  • Nicky Odering
  • David Perenara-O’Connell
  • Jocelyn Muller
  • Duncan Harvest
  • Lesley Woudberg
  • Dean Harliwich
  • Jeromy Cuff
  • Adele Dawson
  • Mirella Pompei
  • Charlotte O’Sullivan
  • Mary O’Callaghan
  • Marianna Cochrane
  • Clare McDaniel
  • Ruth Sarson
  • Ashleigh Watts
  • Gill Jenkins
  • Michele Stevenson
  • Nathan Dougherty
  • Jason Eden
  • Phil Clayton.

Specific thanks to the following people for their help with works in waterways section:

  • Darcy Arnold, CityCare
  • Michael Lester, CityCare
  • Melissa Pendly, Fulton Hogan
  • Bob Willis, Fulton Hogan
  • Omar Seychell, Fulton Hogan
  • Dathan Proudlove, Downer.


  • Isabelle Teresa
  • International Erosion Control Association, Australasia – Matthew Wallace
    Simon Cathcart of HEB
  • Fern Whitau, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
  • Nigel Harris, Ngāi Tūāhuriri
  • Amy Beran
  • Campbell Stewart of Southern Skies Limited
  • Dr Shelley McMurtrie and Thomas Anderson of Eos Ecology Limited
  • Dan Van Asch
  • Dr Christopher Wilcox of Erosion Control Limited
  • Ken Rouse of the Cashmere Stream Care Group
  • Robert Coulson and Ashley Shadbolt of RST Solutions Limited
  • Alex Mowe, Downer Limited
  • Southern Skies Limited
  • Fulton Hogan Limited
  • CityCare Limited
  • Paul Gofton of Vital Chemical Pty
  • Mark Ludwig of MRL Building Ltd
  • Simon Baker of Digiflicks
  • Bill Noell of Pattle Delamore Partners
  • Mark Tipper of Aqualutions Limited
  • Simon Baker of Digiflicks Limited.

Thanks to all the contractors and consultants who contributed by providing very helpful suggestions and feedback.

Photographs and images

Particular thanks to Auckland Council for their generosity in sharing material, photos and diagrams from its June 2016 publication:

Leersnyder, H., Bunting, K., Parsonson, M., and Stewart, C. (2016). Erosion and sediment control guide for land disturbing activities in the Auckland region. Auckland Council Guideline Document GD2016/005. Prepared by Beca Ltd and SouthernSkies Environmental for Auckland Council.

This publication is also known as GD05; online on the Auckland Design Manual website.

Other images have been generously provided by:

  • Eos Ecology Limited
  • RST Solutions Limited
  • Southern Skies Limited
  • Vital Chemical Pty
  • Downer Limited.


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April 2017 Online toolbox launched.